The Normandy Association for Air Remembrance decided to pay a tribute to all of the crews shot down in Normandy and Maine. As we organize the ceremonies, we are working in France and abroad to find the families of the aircrew lost over Normandy and Maine, as well as gathering testimonies of survivors and comrades or whoever had lived at that time.
The Normandy Association for the Air Remembrance 1939-1945, have worked since 1994 to honour the memory of aircrew who fought for our liberty and fell on our soil between 1940 and 1945. Its members come from all areas of Normandy and Maine and all walks of life. They all share the same passion for the history of aviation in the second world war.
Our aim :
Is to fully register all of the air losses in Normandy during World War II. We identify sites by means of GPS positioning, and initiate reliable inquiries into French and foreign record offices.
We co-ordinate ceremonies with veterans' associations, representatives and military attachés of different embassies with agreement of the French civil and military authorities. We welcome aviators' families and friends to these ceremonies.
We also participate, in cooperation with allied Air Force veterans' associations. There are many exhibitions where plane fragments found on the terrain are displayed.  We retrace the aeronautic history of the region, for example the airfields, and contribute this way to the safeguarding of the nation's heritage as well as to the collective memory.