Visit of the US pilot Albert Gese
the family of the German pilot Benno Oberhauser
At the village of Ste Honorine la Guillaume's initiative, the Association Normande du Souvenir Aérien, the ex-servicemen (39-45) Association and Maurice Delhopital ex (UNC) serviceman, a memorial ceremony took place in the city hall on June 2nd, 2007.
On June 12th 1944, Albert Gese, a US airforce pilot (20th FG, 77 FS) was flying a P38 Lockheed "Lightning" aircraft when he was shot down by ground fire and crashed at Le Val Joas, close to the village of Ste Honorine la Guillaume. He bailed out and jumped successfully by parachute. He was then hold and secured by local French people "resistance". At about the same time, a little bit later, on June 27th 1944, a German pilot, Benno Oberhauser from II/JG1, flying a FW 190 was killed after beeing hit during a dog figth and crashed at la Bouvetiere, not very far the village of Ste Honorine la Guillaume.
During the ceremony, organized at the Ste Honorine City Hall, in the presence of the mayor Serge Clerembaux, the president and several members of the ANSA association, Albert Gese the US pilot and many locals attending, Hans Oberhauser, the German pilot's brother read a message and declared:
" I have searched for many years to know more about my brother's fate. As luck would have it, we already came here in 1999 and we appreciated your welcome. It is the 3rd time that you invite us to attend this reunion at the city hall. "
Mr Oberhauser thanked the Mayor and the organizers.
June 2nd 2007
Serge Clerembaux, by a symbolic gesture, sealed the reconciliation
June 3rd 2007
At the end the service at les Tourailles' church